Examples Of Dallas Fort Worth Businesses Using Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business), YouTube, And Custom Google Maps For Lead Generation 

This web page will give some simple overviews of DFW area businesses and their unique uses of Google properties such as Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), YouTube, Google Sites, and custom Google Maps to help increase awareness of their businesses to generate new leads from qualified prospective customers or clients.  The kinds of businesses will vary, but you will see many industries represented in order to give you a good idea of how Google properties can fit into a larger SEO game plan, serve as lead-generation assets on their own, or help increase trust in the company thus improving conversion rates.

White Pediatric Zirconia Crowns Instead Of Silver Ones For Baby Teeth

This doctor in Garland offers the ability to use white zirconia crowns for kids' teeth no matter where in the mouth the cavity(ies) is (are) found.  He is using YouTube to help parents from around the country a new option that most pediatric dentists don't know is available.  Many kids who get silver in their teeth often have confidence issues and don't want to smile, talk or play with other kids.  Some even get bullied as a result of it.  This doctor uses YouTube optimization to reach parents who need a better option than silver teeth so that their children don't have to go through something like what was described; and the parents also often get judged as a "bad Mom" or "bad Dad" (or both!) if their kids have cavities which warrant the need for silver crowns.
Here is an example of one of his videos:

This company offers commercial heating and cooling services in Collin County, Denton County and in the Texoma areas of Grayson County and Cooke County.  One of the issues that many HVAC companies' technicians face when first dealing with a new customer is how to gain trust.  There have been some nasty stories of HVAC contractors ripping off customers who otherwise wouldn't know why a repair was so expensive.

The owner decided to be recorded doing a furnace inspection, and in the YouTube video you can see him scrape of rust/debris on one piece of metal.  He then explains how this typically warrants a "repair" by unscrupulous HVAC technicians, but in his years of experience he almost never has to replace it.  He wants his customers to become loyal, so he used YouTube as a way to convey how he earns trust -- even before he shows up for the first time.

This company is one of the TDLR licensed companies to offer an online drivers education course for Texas residents who are ages 18 to 24.  He uses YouTube as a lead generation vehicle (no pun intended!) by showing actual video of real-life driving scenarios that are shown more thoroughly inside the main couse.  Here is one such example regarding safe driving and parking techniques:

This Plano auto dealership, which specializes in luxury pre-owned cars like Lexus and BMW, is using the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business / Maps listing) to help increase local awareness of his current automobile vehicle inventory.  One of the unique aspects that the GBP offers for lead generation is for an auto dealer to upload his/her inventory with all of the vehicle specifications.  This helps increase awareness in the 15-20 mile radius around the dealership's verified location.  Click here to see his current inventory and how it would work for a similar type of business to generate leads in Dallas Fort Worth.

This Plano company is an approved manufacturer of various antennas for a major national type of equipment.  They also use YouTube to help rank #1 in YouTube nationally for the case antennas which get paired with specifics for military, first responder and similar kinds of uses. Their installation instructions on YouTube also help to serve to generate leads from qualified organiziations across the country.

This company is a luxury home builder for Dallas-area neighborhoods in Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow and North Dallas plus areas like Flower Mound, Frisco, Southlake and more.  One way the company used Google properties was to upload its rendering videos to YouTube, and then embed those videos in a more organized manner on Google Sites.  Click here for one of their Google Sites properties.

The company also created an "Areas of Interest" custom Google Map for one of their desired neighborhoods (in this case, Preston Hollow) to help bring awareness to the area.  It was done as a way to showcase local businesses, parks, etc. and help build trust in the company - especially to those who would be moving to the Dallas area from out of state.

This Dallas attorney offers Federal healthcare fraud defense legal counsel to clients across the country who, they believe, have been wrongfully accused of things like Medicare fraud, Tricare fraud, False Claims Act violations, or received HHS or OIG fraud notices.  He uses YouTube playlists optimized for specific topics.  In addition to his own videos, he also add videos which are relevant to the topic and could be of interest to someone who believes that he/she has been falsely accused of such a crime.

Here is one of his playlists:

This developer of new townhomes near Love Field used custom Google Maps to show amenities near his property's location.  In this case, he also included some driving directions inside the custom Map to show easier routes for people to take due to possible construction.

This company does all sorts of unique projects for major companies, universities, museums, and sports teams across the country.  It is based near the Dallas Galleria, and this agency specializes in virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive marketing and experiential design.  They use YouTube to reach their desired prospective audiences with videos for each case study.  A highlight reel video summed up much of what they do to help open the conversation with prospective clients.

This CPA firm is located on the border of McKinney and Frisco, and it offers financial planning, retirement planning and business services along with tax preparation.  Due to its unique location, it is 10 miles or less from Allen, Celina, Fairview, Frisco, McKinney, Melissa, Plano, Princeton, Prosper and possibly other towns.  The problem is getting exposure in Google Business Profile (Google Maps) in the cities which are different than his street address indicates.  On the pages he optimized for the specific cities he wants, he added a custom Google Map with driving directions from that city's town hall to his office.  This helps increase the likelihood of Google associating his website (or at least that specific city page) with his office location. Here is one of the custom driving directions maps he made.  

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